Hi higher horizons!

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Three men jump on big bouncing balls that catapult across the stage engaging us in their world. Like a ball bearing flying across a pinball machine our eyes dart over the stage. The relaxed gesture of the men that are not involved in the dare devil stunt taking place centre stage draw as much attention by their inner calm that juxtapose a stillness to the crazy caper taking over the space.

The local theatres are full of dance this weekend.  As the city celebrates movement  I am curious to investigate what it is about contemporary dance that is pure fun.  The lighting design is backlit in spots of aqua to suggest a world underneath the water as an inflatable shark enters the scene, flashing lights are all encompassing then a candy pink light takes us to the world of the circus where these incredible acrobats draw their skills. The death defying stunts captured in photographs of the dancers pale into insignificance when you see the show live.


A man stands on top of a plank of wood the height of a house, never once looking for showy applause but continuing his journey for stillness and calm whilst the crowd is tearing down the roof with applause. The fun reverberating around the room leaves me wanting more from this dance programme, but the dim house lights signal the end of this show.

The three men in their everyday casual clothes gain an impromptu standing ovation at the end of their 75-minute performance. There are no words spoken during the show just pure physical theatre that stands on the edge, just like the man walking inside a tower of motor car tires. The evening begins with dramatic cruelty as the men throw each other around the stage and roll their bodies inside tires the size to fit a tractor wheel. We effortlessly enter into their world and become locked inside the dynamic flow of these sensational theatrical athletes.

The stage is dominated with a trampoline that is used almost as a white canvas with light shone through it to create shadows where bodies bounce. The men move so fast they hit the same spot occupied by the previous athlete a split second ago, somersaulting up and down the trampoline. The audience are ready to leave the show starry eyed and full of wonder at this spectacle; enriched with the joy of the performance. The  performers ascend so high and effortlessly, they raise our horizons.  This lifting of their heavy weight of being lets fun prosper.  Whilst lungs and bodies have been held tight through dramatic suspense we now  breathe in time, not wanting to find the exit.

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27 thoughts on “Hi higher horizons!

  1. I love this. I have never thought of writing as meditation but I can completely get it. I’m going to take this as a lesson in cognitive behavior therapy. If I can’t meditate, I shall write myself into it. Thanks so much for the great writing!
    Justin B.


    • Thank you Justin. This is such high praise although CBT is not my field! You write well on your site. There is magic in your voice. I hope you create more posts for your audience to enjoy! 😉

      It’s great to be in touch on the blogosphere.

      Hope you have a brilliant weekend and thank you from my heart for such a beautiful comment.



    • We are having a blast around town today! The youth groups are doing dance routines in the shopping mall. There is body popping in the coffee shop and baby boogies for the toddlers! Tea dances later in the town hall with 1950’s music. I think I may go just for the tea!!

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


      • I’m envious! I’m having my tea now, but in a bit I’m off to the Tanger Outlets to go bra shopping–how much fun is that? I’m 50 minutes outside of Washington DC and it seems like all of the city descends upon the outlets to grab up sales on work clothing. I’ll be elbow to elbow with other chesty women fighting for the right size! Enjoy your fun weekend!


  2. Good post 🙂 but I’m left confused by the picture half way through that doesn’t seem to fit with the story.. Maybe I just don’t understand the connection


  3. You are able to write with such an ease, it is always a pleasure to read your posts. You made me feel as though I was there, watching the performance. Thank you for the lovely visual you created with your words.


    • Thank you Pepper. I appreciate your words so much. It’s been fun responding to the spontaneity and craziness on stage with words. So glad the colour of the event comes over. I am enjoying your latest poem. There is so much depth to your work so your praise means a lot!

      Happy weekend 😉


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