Over Due

Lately being late to leave the library has taught me a few things!




Don’t eat that Donut
With a detox straight out of the box
comes a beauty shot
like a bullet to the heart.
When you’re starved
the head pulls a text book apart.
Only cheese makes life easy.
Now that I know what love isn’t
joy lost a beat.
With food stuffed fast behind the library door
the diet book has seen this move before.
Being stuck at  the beginning is not winning
but this study process is slow when it’s full of repeats.
I turn the page to suppress
library rage.




When the over due is due
Between the dust of a shelf, a lost book describes
a forgotten silence taking
a slice of confidence and slips
through left food hidden
behind the library catalogue desk which opens
onto  words of love that would be
alright if the lovers are found tonight
and not 200 dollars too late.
Sit tight to watch
the library fines stack
up with the over due books still missing,
out of date like the cold emotion clinging
to the air.
It is quiet now and the pattern  breaks
only for vacation.



Way home
Loose footing through footless tights
along a muddy path lies
a trail of lost pride and empty barges gazing
wildly from the front knowingly, answering
nothing but untruths inside.
A young couple stands
split by erratic hitting
vending machine coffee; the strong black stays
long as they return
unheard by the still canal.
The moment of parting is over due.





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16 thoughts on “Over Due

  1. Love this part:
    “Sit tight to watch
    the library fines stack
    up with the over due books still missing,
    out of date like the cold emotion clinging
    to the air.”

    So true at so many levels – literal and metaphorical.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much! I always get that feeling in libraries that the feelings left behind by the readers leave a lot unsaid. So a lot clinging to the air I guess!

      Your site looks even more amazing than on my last visit. The design is awesome. I connected to your ‘Shadow’ photography instantly and as always it’s great to pick up some fresh ideas from you on how to make a meal extra tasty and fast! Cheers 😉


  2. Wonderful poems, I’d never thought about overdue library books in that way before. I have to confess that I’ve frequently contributed to the stack of overdue books. As a student I built up some truly impressive (horrifying) fines.


    • Thank you Rosie! It’s great to connect with you today. I just signed up to hear more about the Portal Wars on your website. I love your posts that deal with identity, it must be amazing to be a creative based in beautiful Cornwall. I’m excited to learn more from your great site. Thank you for your lovely comment that I appreciate so much. Yes library fines certainly stack up fast!!

      Liked by 1 person

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