Colour of Oxford Castle



It was a blissful and rare sunny day after one long grey Winter as I walked past Oxford Castle and the brick work popped.




The old castle was built by the Saxons with a simple mound and tower to protect boundaries of a new settlement called “Oxenaford”  1000 years ago.  We are now a booming student city but just a few decades later the tower was made stronger by the Normans who dominated the city.  After their invasion of England to keep the locals in check they made the bold fortifications we see today a whole lot stronger.




Little harmony was ever felt here with prisoners from the Civil War being held for their political beliefs.




This place was a prison right up until a few years ago when a luxury hotel developed across the site and restored a joyful balance of pleasure and fun in the once gruesome grounds.  There are fragrant flower beds where men were once forced into exercise. The gardens are used as an open space for Theatre performances in the Summer and can tell fresh new stories.




Taking the voice of some of the prison’s famous inmates once held in the cells it is easy to imagine their thoughts?



The old tower with 101 steps to the top is where Queen Matilda escaped from the clutches of her brother. She was dressed in a camouflage of white and left during the snow storm in the night to avoid capture from surrounding soldiers.


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Bath Botanic Garden


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28 thoughts on “Colour of Oxford Castle

  1. Such a beautiful piece of architecture Oxford Castle is. I bet it is equally majestic and grand on the inside. I’m imagining hallways and winding staircases. Really like the short videos you included. The tower of 101 steps sounds mysterious, what with that history behind it. Hope Queen Matilda eventually found her way.

    It is interesting to hear that it used to house prisoners, and I suppose that there is some doom and gloom surrounding it. I wondered if the prisoners resented the castle very much.

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    • Lovely to hear from you Mabel. Your comment is valuable food for thought. I guess times were tough at the castle with some men chained to a drinking well (as space was short) so resentment would have been possible for sure ! I loved your recent post about the rituals of dining out and family etiquette. I enjoyed lots of wisdom as always on your blog. Wishing you a brilliant weekend.

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    • Thank you. It’s good to remember the uplifting effects of sunshine I feel! Your blog is beautiful Damyanti, I just had a great visit there. I enjoyed reading your thought provoking and engaging post on Women’s Day. Here’s to a lovely weekend.

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      • Thanks for the support, Lita! I did get a tad rattled by all the Women’s Day chatter around me. Glad you found it engaging. I love your blog too– I lurk sometimes because the last year has been crazy, leaving me very little blogging time, but I enjoy your posts, too.

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  2. Thank you. I enjoyed making them, although I felt a little conspicuous as the yard was getting busy. I will try them again. Loved you images from the Art Walk, it looked like an inspiring day out.


    • Yes I agree in the bright sunlight it is hard to connect with the difficulties folk would have faced and some were children held just for stealing bread. Happily the sun now shines on beautiful gardens here at least ! I love the garden story you posted recent, I enjoyed the clever way it spun out of a simple detail. Looking forward to my next visit.

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      • Oh, that’s awful. Its good that its a thing of past now.. And the sun shines happily !
        I’m pleased to know you enjoyed reading that tale. keep doing so 😊
        Thanks a lot !

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