Power of One

Exciting work by these gifted writers streamed right now from our story telling event at Glasgow below

Performed by amazing actors Judy Leonard and Ian McShee –

Join us today by watching the event below

It’s a gripping 40 minute show!  With super reviews.. ‘It’s been a real highlight!’

Brum Hum National Poetry Day #cpc #birmingham #poem Lita Doolan's Audio Books

Come to Birmingham to celebrate National Poetry Day ❤️💋🎸📺 Birmingham Hello
  1. Brum Hum National Poetry Day #cpc #birmingham #poem
  2. Melbourne Fringe Picks – Story of Tower – Anne Bayne – Willys Virgin Queen #Theatre
  3. Edinburgh Fringe Pick Audreys Art Club Preview
  4. Greater Manchester Fringe Hot Pick – After Shark
  5. Effervescent Fall

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