Dad Sold our House on Ebay

Sell A Door produced my drama about a family struggling with austerity which is set in Cwm, South Wales








The professional cast performed the play at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London



14 thoughts on “Dad Sold our House on Ebay

    • It was a privilege to write a play exactly set in the small village I grew up in and have it produced in London! Thank you so much for your appreciation. As you can imagine this play means lots to me!

      The positive posts I am enjoying on your site are inspiring. Great to be in touch on the blogosphere!

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  1. Wow, Lita. This is so intriguing…Would have loved to have seen it in London. Rosemary Branch is a great venue too. Maybe you can link up with the Georgetown Festival/Penang Pac Theatre?? You never know!

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    • How awesome would THAT be!!! I loved the history behind Rosemary Branch. Charlie Chaplin is believed to have performed there and all the music hall greats.

      I’m having a great time reading about your blissful adventures. Enjoy for me!

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