Brave New Brexit


Britain seems to be facing a long goodbye with the EU and the European group itself seems to be changing.  Obviously Britain is still ‘in’ Europe geographically.. No one can change that but everything else seems to be in flux.  A hearty (British?) Breakfast seems to be in order.

English breakfast

As I type with the news rapidly firing off the radio in the cafe half of the opposition party’s frontline has resigned to try and oust what they see as a weak leader which echoes the momentum dramatised in ‘Julius Caesar’.

Shakespearean folio

Whatever your political beliefs there have been real benefits from being a member of the EU for over 40 years and these now seem in the air.  Currently we have the right to free movement to travel around Europe and there is a guarantee of free basic health care in neighbouring countries.  There are hints that some conditions can be re- negotiated and stand in the similar style to Switzerland who is out of EU but has negotiated health care rights from nearby countries.


Thankfully this Monday Morning some of the key reigning politicians have finally spoken to calm the markets a little and so far no one is calling this a melt down.  The US market hasn’t opened yet as I type and in any event as we are continually being told this is early days and uncharted territory.

What is going to happen long term? As the dust is settling a part of me finds the fact that anything is possible a little inspiring.

Here are a few mini plays I have had published this week on a local Theatre’s website.

Find your place.

 –  Nowhere to stand.

Lose your position?  Sit down.

– No seat.

No one asked you.  The debate begins.

– Who wins?

Why are you here anyway?

– I want to stay.

If nothing else this is a great time to bring in much needed change into my own life !  The uncertainty is certainly inspiring bravery in folk.  One thing is sure by a small margin Britain voted to stand economically on it’s own (gulp).



This week we seem to be evaluating who is our partner and discovering a lot of events seem to be toppling like dominos so who knows how connected things are?


Nothing has changed.

boy – We’re a member until we’re not.

girl – Of what?

boy – EU.

girl – The what?

boy – You voted to leave.  Remember.

girl – No.  The door was closed at the polling booth.  I didn’t go.

boy – I wonder if you feel guilty

girl –   Maybe it was better that way.  You wanted to stay.

boy – Yeah.

girl – Yeah!  We were split down the middle Matty.

boy – I love you I still do.

girl – I love you.   Nothing has changed?

boy – No.

girl – No?

boy – NO.  I can’t look at you again.  Not in that same way.



Wherever you are from … Enjoy the unity in your life, whatever shape it takes and let’s embrace any volatility together !

Blogging is great for that kind of solidarity.

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65 thoughts on “Brave New Brexit

  1. It really has highlighted that it’s time for a change, for me personally. I’m currently planning out a timescale to emigrate to Canada, and trying to make sense of their immigration rules (I’m very luckily able to apply for several different visas). I think Joseph K best sums up my feelings right now, wandering through the world I’ve known my whole life with a sense of otherness and a new understanding of the nature of reality. Ugh, existential quandary!

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    • I admire your outlook, you definitely have an eye for the opportunities. I saw Chris Martin had a ‘Global Citizen’ band on his arm when he closed the Glastonbury festival and that seemed a perfect viewpoint too. Wishing you a lovely weekend – the rabbit stroller post is so cool !

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  2. The result of the referendum in my mind was to reveal a divided nation though some people say they voted exit though as a sort of protest thinking stay would win anyways (my view from overseas) Anyway I like the calm feel of your post…no need for alarm– people will survive and work things out. A timely connection to the Partners theme!

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    • You sum that up so well Janice ! Today there has been a peaceful march with 20,000 people walking close to Parliament asking for another referendum then of course others are happy with the result so things look, as you say, divided ! Thank you for the vote of confidence, we will survive !

      Wish I had the self sufficiency of your vegetable garden, that must be satisfying to grow your own food. I am looking forward to popping back to your blog for some gardening inspiration as Summer moves forward.

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    • Gosh thanks. I’m not so sure I have been calm. I’m not big on twitter but I have somehow been firing off tweets left right and centre !! It’s amazing how strong you feel about something once it’s gone ! Ah well, I do recognise it’s time to move on 😉 Wishing you a great week.

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    • So well said ‘not yet done’. Great to connect to the beauty in your posts for a moment of stillness too. I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out how it all unfolds. Here’s to a less eventful weekend !!


  3. Good post, Lita! My daughter, who lives in UK, is very upset about the result. But, as you said, all that could be done now is standing together and hoping for the best.

    P.S. Thank you for your nice comment on my photos:)



    • Lovely to hear from you. Yes of course I share your daughter’s feeling and I agree too we all must step forward together now. Perhaps because we are in the middle of an extraordinary time, new things are possible ! Looking forward to enjoying more beautiful images on your blog Svetlana 🙂

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  5. I’m certainly not liking what is happening over there in your part of the world. But as you said, you never know what will happen in the long term and it is still early days. You don’t really know when the separation will be official. Social tensions have certainly been brought to the spotlight even further as a result, and hopefully it doesn’t lead to social arrest down the track.

    “the fact that anything is possible a little inspiring” I like this phrase a lot. So well said. It could even be the small things that give you a bit of hope. Like just today I was crossing the road on the way to work a car decided to stop and let me cross. I made it to work on time 😀

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    • You are right and I heartily agree that some of the social tensions that may have built up have now been put under the global spotlight thanks to social media. This has resulted in peaceful marches to show solidarity. There is a great picture on twitter of the Muslim London Mayor and the Archbishop and a Jewish faith leader all grouped together in London. I know there is a major march planned tomorrow so let’s hope everything keeps moving in a positive way.

      I love the detail you paint so brilliantly there of the random act of kindness – a few of those everyday and life is good ! Wishing you a fab weekend my friend. 🙂

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  6. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with such upheaval Lita. Kind of a mess I bet. I hope things become clearer soon for the nation. I really appreciated your blog venting. It’s very interesting to hear a first-hand account. Best of luck.

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    • I have to say I felt a lot better after I had done the blog !! I also ate a big packet of chocolate biscuits which somehow made things look better 😉 It’s lovely to hear from you Paula and I’m hopping over to your blog this weekend to catch up with your latest writing. I feel like there is bound to be some good emerging from all this change .. fingers crossed !!


  7. Whenever I visit Europe, geographically I mean, I got some stamps on my passport and enjoy the first conversation with a new officer. Through BBC and some friends I know you have many issues to be discussed and I think you have culture enough mature to solve the problems.

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    • Thank you for this wise comment. I take your point that if we all discuss the issues maturely things will more than likely come out OK. It’s good to hear you have positive feelings of travelling here !

      I enjoy the garden pictures on your blog and look forward to my next visit. Here’s to a nice weekend.

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  8. Insightful post, Lita. I don’t know what the outcome will be and as an American, I have no say in the matter anyway. But I know this: the UK was a strong and respected country forty years ago before the European Union and I have no doubt that whatever happens, you will thrive. Differently, perhaps, but you will certainly be okay. Are people having intelligent conversations about Brexit or do they sound like the idiocy going on here with the presidential campaigns?

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    • Linda so good to hear from you and I appreciate your words far more than I can say. Thanks for this bright shining candle of positivity. You raise a wonderful heartening point I hadn’t thought of. There is a huge amount of talks still going on since Friday and if nothing else it has got everyone engaged in politics again. We have all had a think about what we truly want .. even if we may not get it. It does feel like we all have a voice.

      The campaigns in US seem to be fast moving and whoever gets elected to be your President gets to represent a country of amazing people. I love connecting to American culture via your blog and catching up on the news. I went to New York as a teen it was life affirming and your comments remind me of that everything is possible take on life. Thank you my friend ! 😉

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    • I have felt a bit of optimism around town so hoping this new path also comes with its own good energy. I read some wise articles in NY Times and Washington Post about Brexit. Great to get outsider insight ! PS Loved your picture of the field of yellow flowers.


  9. I cannot even imagine how much change you are looking at, but I’m hoping that you’ll make the best of this situation, and I know things will eventually settle down and become normal again.

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  10. Hi Lita,
    You have such a fresh way of expressing your perspective. This was an excellent post about a topic that is in the forefront of everyone’s minds. Even several store clerks asked me what I thought of Britain’s decision. I do wish you well, and am confident that it will be okay–Britain has weathered much worse than this. I’ve never seen America so divided, and hope we can get through our coming election with as much grace and dignity. ( I say this, while harboring secret thoughts of immigrating should a certain outcome occur).

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    • Oxford is here for you Naomi ! Thank you for this vote of confidence. I second the secret thoughts of immigrating – My great grandmother is Irish born so not quite close enough for starting again in Dublin ! France is close enough to commuting if you needed to back to UK in a rush and the wine would be excellent ! However France seems to be having a similar challenge to us deep down. Thank you for your lovely comment. Wishing you a wonderful July 4th and I remain grateful as always for your uplifting blog.

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      • Dear Lita,
        France is, indeed, experiencing challenges of its own. There are peaceful little eddies there–a cousin of mine from Chew Magna helps her niece raise heritage chickens on a little farm in the countryside in France. As for immigration, my preference is to ensure that our country remains under the leadership of sane, dignified, well-intended statesmen. Whoever wins the coming election, I will miss President Obama. Thanks so much for your kind words–I really enjoy your creative and intelligent blog.


    • That’s a great question! I love Scotland. Edinburgh has been a friend to me as I have performed there for many years. However I am Welsh/Irish and cannot speak for the Scottish people. They are truly their own nation, in heart and spirit that is for sure. Things are changing so rapidly with the Brexit deal being created as we speak so who knows what ‘independent’ will mean a few years down the line !! All my good wishes.

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    • Lovely to hear from you. Hope life is grand. Things remain interesting and still hard to predict post referendum. We are part of a global community however we look at it is my own humble conclusion. So glad blogging has no borders !! All my good wishes to you x.

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    • Fingers crossed it works out OK. Your country is a power house and has a strong heritage. Politics seems to be going through a bizarre time .. my own mantra is – this too will past ! Look forward to reading more on your blog. All good wishes.


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