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Wyre Lady of Fleetwood

Five go on an adventure in BRIGHTON! We feel so lucky to take our story of a Fleetwood Fisherman to the online Fringe in Brighton – it’s England’s largest Arts Festival, it’s right beside the sea and there is an amazing ice cream shop there called Maroco! Nonetheless… We were excited to tell folk about […]
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After a bracing few days at Brighton Fringe people watching and eating chips on the pier (fighting off the seagulls!) It is now time to head through London to home towards Manchester and start gearing up for some more excitement of Greater Manchester Fringe where 10 new pieces of work will be brought to life […]
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Power of One

Exciting work by these gifted writers streamed right now from our story telling event at Glasgow below Performed by amazing actors Judy Leonard and Ian McShee – Join us today by watching the event below It’s a gripping 40 minute show!  With super reviews.. ‘It’s been a real highlight!’

Brighton Fringe – Mary Blandy

Walking along the Strand in London to Trafalgar Square to try on a costume I become someone else. Through the darkness I sense the character of a lady of Henley who met her death hung on holy ground in 1757. Mary was not granted the right to appeal her conviction for poisoning her father. She […]
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Old Amber

Through a piece of old Amber where all insect life is preserved. I wondered what those stages of life revealed. Inspired by January and the history of insects inspiration uncurled. I needed some extra light for January and turned to an antique ring for magic. “The worm’s turn.” The click Of midnight sticks The firefly’s […]
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All Quiet on the Western Front – Review

I saw a show that dramatised trench warfare that brought me to tears. I wanted to share the experience because of the depth of feeling it conveyed to me in layers and depth that I have tried to reflect in images. In spite of the evocative script sensitively adapted from Erich Remarque’s novel, it’s what […]
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Beyond my Fringe

I am living in a tiny dorm room for a month. The man in front of me picking up hid key asks if there is air con. The receptionist says there’s a window you can open.   As I trail through a maze of corridors with 2 backpacks I wonder if I truly needed 3 […]
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Barmouth Tides

Barmouth is a coastal town in Wales. The sands dune down to the sea and a succession of plants through time have colonised the salty land. My first school field trip measured the number of wriggling Nereis worms we found in each of the quadrat metal squares we flung one by one into the air. […]
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Brave New Brexit

Britain seems to be facing a long goodbye with the EU and the European group itself seems to be changing.  Obviously Britain is still ‘in’ Europe geographically.. No one can change that but everything else seems to be in flux.  A hearty (British?) Breakfast seems to be in order. As I type with the news rapidly firing off […]
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New Walls for Old

Along with a fab Warhol exhibition and some High St shops I found my favourite coffee stop near our central bus station was closing this week.  They shared a favourite shortcake recipe – You need… 125g butter 55g caster sugar 180g plain flour Making super easy shortbread – Heat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5. Beat […]
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