Kerry – ‘Sheatre’ Festival


Based on a true story, my short monologue ‘Kerry’ is being read at Bristol’s ‘Sheatre’ festival.

As the name suggests this is theatre made by those who identify as women.

In honour of the suffrage centenary, we’re celebrating the work of female and non-male writers. In association with dramaturg Amy Bethan Evans we present: Sheatre.

This is my first experience of all female theatre making and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Come and hear about Kerry on May 20th if you are close to Bristol in the South West of England (when I looked for a room for the night I nearly booked Bristol Quebec, which would have been nice, and is an adventure for another day!).

Tea-Powered Theatre is the exciting Company that are producing the event.

The venue is an Art Gallery,  6 West St, Bristol BS2 0BH

“Have you got five minutes? Could you help me? A man just came into the toilet. He smashed all the mirrors and kicked the door in. There’s glass all over the floor… ‘

Pick up a ticket here and come and hear how it goes on!