Anne Green’s stand on Hangman’s Mound – novel




Anne Green, a servant working for the Read family of Duns Tew in Oxfordshire Rallies Cromwell’s Redcoats

After surviving her own hanging for miscarrying the masters son’s child she was exempt from a rehanging.  It was thought that God had intervened but Anne had lay witness to the life giving attempts of Physician William Petty of Brasenose College.  Petty later went to Edinburgh to recruit mercenaries for Cromwell’s advances in Ireland.  The master of the house at Duns Tew held land in Ireland but was so supportive on the King he let his own son sign up for battle.  Anne toured taverns with her father telling of her reprise from death.  She walked in with her coffin and made quite a stir.  When she got close to Edinburgh, possibly looking for Petty to thank him, (a young Christopher Wren had witnessed Anne coming back to life after her partial strangulation at the gallows), she realised that Scotland did not exempt women from being rehung.  It was a pattern England would adopt, Anne had been the the first to be exempt from a second hanging.


As she prepares to leave for England she notices the Redcoats marching down Carlton Hill but they are not moving.  They are resting or they are slaughtered in the battle.  Cromwell has taken up residence in Edinburgh Castle and imprisons redcoats there.  Anne can do nothing to find her first love without risking her own head.  What is the price of love?  What is it worth?


A new novel set in 1650 is in development

  • Arrested after miscarrying her child, Anne Green, survives the noose.
  • The Oxfordshire serving girl now waits for the return of her lover from battle as the tables are turned.


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One thought on “Anne Green’s stand on Hangman’s Mound – novel

  1. WOW!!!….This is really going to be a masterpiece, I read this and imagined it in my mind. You have such a wonderful imagination.

    It can make a great movie. Don’t be surprised if you have some big producer knock on your door.

    Liked by 1 person

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