Churchill’s Children

Dramatisation of real events May 25th 1943; a bold day time ‘tip and run’ attack  over Brighton.  The plane empties   unused ammunition on the South Coast, on their way back  to Germany, after bombing London.


Three school girls face the imminent threat of Nazi invasion alone on the Steine of Brighton.  In just five minutes Focke-Wulf planes create devastation.

After facing the explosions, the desperate  girls hide in their empty school house and play parlour games and make the decision of their lives.  Whilst no one has heard the ‘all clear siren’, an unforeseen danger lies in their midst.


Sarah-Louise Garrington played Christine, a schoolgirl scallywag


  • Ana – Orla Jackson
  • Beth – Grace Hopkins
  • Christine – Sarah-Louise Garrington
  • Writer/Director  – Lita Doolan
  • Sound Design – David Allen
  • Design – Klair Clarke & Johney Fatimaharan
  • We are grateful for period costume advice from Suzi Clarke


Orla Jackson played Ana

The play was part of Brighton Fringe Festival and gained great audience response:  

‘At first I thought the story teller was a ghost’ ‘it was special’ ‘that was beautifully done’ ‘it made me cry’ ‘I thought the play was great’ ‘I felt like I was in the room with the characters’ ‘the original music made it’ ‘three very engaging actors in the piece, great to see young talent like that showcased’ ‘engaging cast’ ‘wonderful actresses’


Grace Hopkins played Beth

One lady recalled how she was playing as a child near some steps and a bullet from a plane ricocheted along the passageway.  She saw the face of the soldier in the plane, they flew so near the ground.  From her recollection she felt she did not think the pilots intended to cause harm as often the ammunition was released on empty fields.  Having survived this, as a child she felt the event caused much excitement.

This was so valuable to hear recollections made as a child growing up on the coast during war time.


The show was performed in the site specific Theatre Upstairs which is linked to the Royal Pavilion (once a war time hospital and bomb shelter) by underground corridors.


4 thoughts on “Churchill’s Children

    • So true about the playful spirits of children. I found anecdotes of the exact moment in History and some of the words of the children stayed with me, the honesty about what they saw was so moving. I was stunned by how brave they were to be playing in the street, watching danger approach. Thank you for your comment.

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