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Pinhole Camera (perfomance)

How much can you see through a tiny hole? I wonder… I just bought a brand new fancy (at least to me) Lumix camera. So far it’s fun fiddling around with the app and delving into the new technology. At the same time it’s great to know Artists still use pinhole cameras to create intense […]
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Love poetry please!

Jump into a new project with me? Get your words heard beside the sea. Inviting your short poetry as comments here so I can read them at Brighton, beyond and share.. Your stories, thoughts and prose Here are some of the LOVE poems that have been passed my way to make your day.. Take a […]
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Countdown to Christmas for Canines

  Winter knocked on the door of the tall house.   In the forest all was lost except the tiny puppy. The starving dog found a home in the old kennel left by an owner who had moved after the land was sold by the Duke.   The hunting dogs at the Palace were prepared […]
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how to make theatre absurd

  It’s a familiar question.   Tell us a story when you were going about your own business and something completely ridiculous or inexplicable happened. What did you do? I walked into a familiar space with a ticket to a secret show.  The new fashion across our local theatres is to serve up a play […]
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The Joy of St Peter’s

  First, a warning: A lot of what you read here may surprise you. On the surface, it sounds unbelievable. How could something so traditional as a historic church surprise anyone? It is easy to walk by, you know the scenario. A show with heavy marketing, laden down with posters, guided me South. Especially during […]
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Bessa Can’t Dance

  This is part of a novel I am slowly working on that reflects the theme of ‘honey and vinegar’, and looks at the role of kindness from others in building a life.     Her parents had such a lust for life no one was around to pick her up from dance lessons or […]
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Around the Mound

Overheard from a window opening onto Edinburgh Fringe… Debbie did something amazing yesterday and the pain went away.  We be both cried. -How are you feeling? Me? -I feel like I want to tell you all my problems Why? -After you said what you did by trade I am not a practicing therapist though -Who are […]
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Flower Power

I found pressed flowers in the attic during a clear out and these dusty first few pages of a novel that look at the power of a flower in a theatre.   A closer view of the stage can be found here!   The school Jack once studied at stood in Edinburgh like a tombstone in evil grey stone. […]
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Palermo Palms

      Villa Julia in Palermo sits facing the coast and uses the brisk sea air to make the perfect environment for the arid plants that thrive in this botanic garden.  The forest garden techniques of planting vegetation at different levels (the oldest technique of horticulture) are referenced with Palms standing as sky scrapers […]
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Jardín de Aromáticas

Originally posted on Arcilla y fuego:
Placas para plantas aromáticas Placas para plantas aromáticas Placas para plantas aromáticas Placas para plantas aromáticas Placas para plantas aromáticas Placas señalizadoras Conjunto de placas cerámicas destinadas a señalar los distintos grupos de plantas en un jardín de aromáticas situado en la provincia de Guadalajara. Arcilla roja decorada con…