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How to be Young Again

So much happening in recent days. I caught this pebble on my walk and it was a delight. This Saturday 1pm – How to be young again begins… Whatever is inspiring you these days, please join in a brand new story telling event, July 4th, 1pm and let a host of new stories by exciting […]
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Power of One

Exciting work by these gifted writers streamed right now from our story telling event at Glasgow below Join us today by watching the event below It’s a gripping 40 minute show!  With super reviews.. ‘It’s been a real highlight!’

Glasgow Lockdown Lit Fest

  Glasgow University announces a Literary Festival this month and I am thrilled that my call out for writers to the theme ‘Power Of One – stories from Lockdown’ is being featured. Following a call for work on the Young Vic Genesis website- Work was selected from over 50 applications to be programmed on this […]
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READING- Authors take on The High Street

The Great British High Street writers are announced today Enjoy work from these talented writers – Winners of a call out via Young Vic website – My Local’s Now A Wetherspoons   by David Keenan Brown Bread   by Gemma Murray Finding Oneself   by Martha Patterson Margot’s   by Tasmin Lynne Margaret Pinder Listen on iTunes here Performing them […]
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Shop Local! Podcast Global!

C&A, BHS, Saxone, Dasco.. all gone Today Beale’s and Boswell’s face closure. Oxford’s oldest independent department store will be no more.. I had a lovely morning in their hand made chocolate department and wandered up to write this short poem .. Staff like friends Play let’s pretend As plastic soldiers Guard the stairs In a […]
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Pinhole Camera (perfomance)

How much can you see through a tiny hole? I wonder… I just bought a brand new fancy (at least to me) Lumix camera. So far it’s fun fiddling around with the app and delving into the new technology. At the same time it’s great to know Artists still use pinhole cameras to create intense […]
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Brighton Fringe – Mary Blandy

Walking along the Strand in London to Trafalgar Square to try on a costume I become someone else. Through the darkness I sense the character of a lady of Henley who met her death hung on holy ground in 1757. Mary was not granted the right to appeal her conviction for poisoning her father. She […]
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Temple Church

Walking through a tiny path to the church modelled on the Templars church of Jerusalem I found a piece of calm behind the hub of central London. The river fleet ran along side this location. London began at a convenient width of river Thames, not so narrow boats cannot pass through and not so wide […]
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Love poetry please!

Jump into a new project with me? Get your words heard beside the sea. Inviting your short poetry as comments here so I can read them at Brighton, beyond and share.. Your stories, thoughts and prose Here are some of the LOVE poems that have been passed my way to make your day.. Take a […]
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Zoo Project

It will be beautiful. He says. Write for me he asks. Everything falls naturally and works its way out. He promises. We talk and overlap like waves. except it will depend on where we are standing. and what place is around us as we walk. The poem feels urgent. Walk with me and take a […]
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