Anne Bayne of Duddingston Loch

Anne loved the Artist Allan Ramsay who painted her with such tenderness.

At the time before their marriage he travelled through Italy. Anne would have felt alone with her thoughts and love for him.

Before their marriage in 1739 Allan spent time in Rome learning the Rococo style of painting that inspired his own work.

I wondered how Anne felt about the separation.

Allan had spent many of his younger years in Edinburgh. He would go on to be a leading light in the age of Enlightenment that shone through Edinburgh.

A view of Edinburgh’s skyline

The portrait is so intimate it shares the connection between the two.

If you wish to explore what love was like in the early 18th century Edinburgh, this is the play for you! 

What does the past and the present have in common? The answer is simple: Love. Cities change, landscapes change, people come and go, but the essence of love traverses the endless road of time just like all of us. 

Lita Doolan comes out with another banger ‘Anne Bayne of Duddingston Loch.’

It takes place in 1738. It’s the story of a Scottish woman missing her fiancé, writing love letters from the Duddingston Loch.

Her fiancé, Allan Ramsay, is studying Rococo in Rome and this audio play gives you an insight into how loving an artist before the age of enlightenment is not easy. 

It’s the story about love, being apart yet connected, being apart yet together, discovering new things and waiting for them to listen to your adventures.  

People are already loving it. You will too. 

Follow the link to book your ticket. 

Lita has won 2 playwright awards at Oxford Playhouse and here are some of her famous plays. 

>> ‘Time For Tea’ Pick of Camden Fringe: “unnerving quality” ★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall), Kings Cross Film Festival 2022

>>‘Holy Cod’ (version of ‘Wyre Lady of Fleetwood’ – “Storytelling Bonanza”) Best Short Documentary Cult Movies Film Festival

The audio play is coming to Brighton Fringe next Spring. It is told in the form of letter writing between them. I wondered how this would play out if she found something life changing on her walks through the city. To me it feels like an inspiring love story. I love the hope and inspiration the pair would feel.

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