She liked pretty things

Recent performance of my new play ‘She liked pretty things’ took place last month at LOST Theatre.  Catch the performance now on You Tube.

Audience comments:   ‘It sounds mournful and there’s an element of lostness in both the characters – nice.’ ‘It’s lovely.’ ‘Looks good.’  ‘With the ending everything made sense.”

Father Antonio – Andrei Costin

Sarah – Zara-Dee Hannay

Writer/Director – Lita Doolan

Sound Design – David Allen

Design – Gemma Fryer & Laura Bradley


25 thoughts on “She liked pretty things

  1. What a wonderful performance by these two young actors. They portrayed your words and feelings so well. How you manged to convey so much in so short a piece is outstanding. I hope you feel rightfully proud. I’ll be delighted to see and hear more of your work.x


  2. really fabulous. The actors were pretty much flawless. Impressive range of humanity in this bit. Plus, as a person who once wrote a (horrible) play for a creative writing class, I know hoe much (remember) goes into the stage direction.

    It’s a unique art form.

    The end line was anticipated, and did not disappoint in its reveal…I have empathy, wondering what might have inspired this.


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