She liked pretty things

Recent performance of my new play ‘She liked pretty things’ took place last month at LOST Theatre.  Catch the performance now on You Tube.

Audience comments:   ‘It sounds mournful and there’s an element of lostness in both the characters – nice.’ ‘It’s lovely.’ ‘Looks good.’  ‘With the ending everything made sense.”

Father Antonio – Andrei Costin

Sarah – Zara-Dee Hannay

Writer/Director – Lita Doolan

Sound Design – David Allen

Design – Gemma Fryer & Laura Bradley


25 thoughts on “She liked pretty things

  1. What a wonderful performance by these two young actors. They portrayed your words and feelings so well. How you manged to convey so much in so short a piece is outstanding. I hope you feel rightfully proud. I’ll be delighted to see and hear more of your work.x

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  2. really fabulous. The actors were pretty much flawless. Impressive range of humanity in this bit. Plus, as a person who once wrote a (horrible) play for a creative writing class, I know hoe much (remember) goes into the stage direction.

    It’s a unique art form.

    The end line was anticipated, and did not disappoint in its reveal…I have empathy, wondering what might have inspired this.

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