Mary Blandy’s Gallows Tree

This tale of a Henley Murderess was written and performed by Lita Doolan in a short regional tour.


Lita Doolan – Author/Performer

Costume based on eighteenth century dress after discussions between Lita and costumer Suzi Clarke

Abby Louise Price – Design

Laura Bradley – LX Design

Johney Fatimaharan – Artwork


Press Reviews:

Whats On Stage

Three Weeks

Daily Information



mary blandys CMYK (300dpi) logo

4 thoughts on “Mary Blandy’s Gallows Tree

  1. wOw! some great reviews for this piece, which sounds incredible in the range. And you must have great nerves to have carried the play on your ownsome shoulders… Is it viewable anywhere? is that zip file up

    also: u so cute. 🙂

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