Audreys Art Club

Coming soon to Edinburgh Fringe…

For 30 minutes join Audrey’s Art Club and let’s make some Art side by side

I can’t wait to see what you make

I have a special twitter page (@latelightfall) to gather the work from other Artists who have joined us

I wonder what type of online gallery we will create!

The show opens online in August as part of the world’s largest Arts Festival – the Edinburgh Festival

I’m so excited to bring a new show inspired by Art and Love

Audrey’s Art Club Preview

This warm and witty show is an online interactive experience

I can’t wait to see what you bring! I will pop some of the great pictures into an online exhibition for us all to enjoy.

Sign up to find out when we go live

Virtual Art Classes

Join instructor Audrey for a virtual class aimed at helping you hone your drawing skills. We will focus on making something to show at the end of summer heart show!

Right now we have a massive storm in UK so sending lots of safe vibes!

One thought on “Audreys Art Club

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful creative space and outlet, Lita. Wonderful that it is an online interactive experience – very convenient to reach artists who want to share their work 🙂 Art and love go together hand in hand. Both come from within, have endless boundaries and make some magic in this world. I read about the storm in the UK. It looks very powerful. Take care and stay safe.


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