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Audreys Art Club

Coming soon… Have a wonderful half hour in Audrey’s Art Club The show opens online May 4th as part of the England’s largest Arts Festival – the Brighton Fringe Audiences are loving the show from Edinburgh Fringe! ‘Made with a lot of love’ says Broadway World I can’t wait to see what you make of […]
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The Joy of St Peter’s

  First, a warning: A lot of what you read here may surprise you. On the surface, it sounds unbelievable. How could something so traditional as a historic church surprise anyone? It is easy to walk by, you know the scenario. A show with heavy marketing, laden down with posters, guided me South. Especially during […]
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writing off the wall

Running up the Cowgate area of Edinburgh where lanes wind in and out of tall buildings one August I stumble upon the old India Buildings where in every nook and cranny a story is being dramatised.   The building give me inspiration, power and permission to write stage plays. Stone pieces are cut into shapes where fabrics […]
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