Art Festival Celebrates Slough. WOW!

Slough has a history that is old and new. The shopping centre dates back to the 1970s, an era now getting a revival of popularity for its brutalist architecture. Buildings in the 70s were made to last and put function alongside design. Seeing the city centre shopping mall be redesigned to suit the needs of the locals in a more immediate way is enlightening. It feels like this is what the 1970’s would have wanted.

The Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre has just a few shops filling its many spaces. The retail outlets are certainly the popular brands that brings shoppers into this cavernous space on a bright sunny day. Now there is a further reason to head here. The Slough Art Festival is filling the air with creativity. Music composed by locals and made into songs inspired by stories from the town are being performed. The place is full of colour.

The building will change and the plans to evolve this chunky building that once gave so much are ambitious. The stories from its previous heyday though are rich and its wonderful they are getting such an effervescent retelling. I’m so happy to have some work on display for this festival. It makes me feel proud to be a part of the alchemy that is moving the shopping mall into its next iteration.

Slough is full of WOW!

If you get the chance… I hope you go to Slough. It’s a place that may surprise.

My art echoes the joy of the people of Slough. I loved to sit and sip coffee near the railway station and chat to people who are passing through. A place is its faces!

If you are up for a little lunch time creativity come and join my free crochet get together online!

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