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Audreys Art Club

Coming soon… Have a wonderful half hour in Audrey’s Art Club The show opens online May 4th as part of the England’s largest Arts Festival – the Brighton Fringe Audiences are loving the show from Edinburgh Fringe! ‘Made with a lot of love’ says Broadway World I can’t wait to see what you make of […]
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Anne Bayne of Duddingston Loch

Anne loved the Artist Allan Ramsay who painted her with such tenderness. At the time before their marriage he travelled through Italy. Anne would have felt alone with her thoughts and love for him. Before their marriage in 1739 Allan spent time in Rome learning the Rococo style of painting that inspired his own work. […]
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Valentine.. Feet in the force of George the 4th

Welcome to the conflicting world of George the IV.. being married to a woman you don’t love and what’s worse than that being in love with a woman you didn’t marry and besides all this.. your country doesn’t seem to like you very much! It’s not easy.. right? This Valentine’s Day see both sides of […]
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