Feet in the force of George the 4th

Welcome to the conflicting world of George the IV..

being married to a woman you don’t love and what’s worse than that

being in love with a woman you didn’t marry and besides all this..

your country doesn’t seem to like you very much!

It’s not easy.. right?


Explore forbidden love triumphing in a hostile space on one of four unique walks –

November 24th – Birmingham

December 1st – London

December 8th – Edinburgh

Hear a preview of poetry along the royal mile here

December 15th – Oxford

If you can’t be here in person online get your preview of the Oxford Tour.. here

Is Britain’s unpopular King (adored by some) a misunderstood or total fool?

you decide!

Celebrate (in the cities that really got the Prince Regent!) the life (and


Listen to the ghosts of the love he felt through love poetry on an easy to walk morning trail..


shattered dreams and spoilt fortunes will unfold through the love poetry of masters (old and new and

maybe YOU!)

feel free to bring a short love poem (written by you or a fave)

..through 9 walking stops through scenic Oxford, Birmingham London and Edinburgh

Come and be part of a pageant of his life and heartache

Come and be part of this monarchic rave!

this December.

Chaos, debauchery and family anarchy it’s what Christmas is made for!


2 thoughts on “Feet in the force of George the 4th

  1. Lovely poem, Lita. In times way back, love was such a powerful force…kings would build castles for their queens and defend their love that way. These days, it’s a different story and love is such a playing field on differnely digital and offline levels. Looks like a lovely sunny day there, and hope you had a good walk about, and many more of the walks to come 😊


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