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Glasgow Lockdown Lit Fest

  Glasgow University announces a Literary Festival this month and I am thrilled that my call out for writers to the theme ‘Power Of One – stories from Lockdown’ is being featured. Following a call for work on the Young Vic Genesis website- Work was selected from over 50 applications to be programmed on this […]
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Valentine.. Feet in the force of George the 4th

Welcome to the conflicting world of George the IV.. being married to a woman you don’t love and what’s worse than that being in love with a woman you didn’t marry and besides all this.. your country doesn’t seem to like you very much! It’s not easy.. right? This Valentine’s Day see both sides of […]
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Trip the light fantastic

  The first time I got paid to do what I love, namely entertain, was my best job ever.  I can see my first pay packet today and remember staring at it in disbelief that I was being given money to be on stage, singing and dancing all day at a UK entertainment resort.  I […]
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