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The first time I got paid to do what I love, namely entertain, was my best job ever.  I can see my first pay packet today and remember staring at it in disbelief that I was being given money to be on stage, singing and dancing all day at a UK entertainment resort.  I remember hearing my first ‘5,6,7,8..’ cue to start the music and now the number in front of me was a pay check.  It was fun to celebrate a show that had gone well, in the full knowledge Leichner make up would hold up my smile like industrial scaffolding during the early morning duties of the following day.

An excellent book written by a legend of the holiday camp (as they were once known post war days), helped keep my spirits high during the long hours of the job.

A long Summer season at a holiday park is a golden opportunity for acts to polish and hone their skills and the hard work definitely pays off in the end.  The slow progress Jim Kennedy made through the ranks is strong encouragement for anyone wishing to follow his footsteps and he offers many pieces of advice in his book.

Kennedy, has worked as an agent, singer and impressario.  He suggests his favourite role is that of mentor.  Brian Conley, Shane Richie (who writes the foreword), Jimmy Cricket, Bradley Walsh and Gemma Craven  are all graduates of Kennedy’s academy.  His book documents how he has experienced more ups and downs than a funfair ride on the Blackpool coast that was his long time professional home and lays bare the less glamorous side of performing.

If you’re looking to break into light entertainment this book gives a good background to the industry.  Each chapter is so well written you almost take the stage with Kennedy as he takes his final bow at The Princes Theatre, Blackpool.  As the title of the book says, ‘One good turn deserves an encore!’

ISBN 0954058704


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20 thoughts on “Trip the light fantastic

  1. I didn’t participate in this particular Daily Prompt, but as a flute teacher to beginner and intermediate students for years and years before I moved to Norway, I often said “I get paid to do something I’d do for free if I could afford it.”

    It isn’t *really* Money For Nothing, but it was Money For Doing Something I Love … and so your response resonates with me. 🙂


    • I so relate to that. Yes I agree there that it is money for ‘something’. Definitely. But when you get so much joy out of something (teaching music must feel so joyful!) it feels like the money is an extra bonus!

      I have of course worked many other jobs that are not quite like that! haha! 😉


  2. Wow singing on stage that’s a great accomplishment, the first cheque is even sweeter,did you not feel you wanted to keep it and not spend it?
    What a beautiful day it was for you.
    Thank you for sharing your day with us.


    • Ha good call. I wish I had bought something memorable with it (it was not a huge amount of money). I think it just went on sandwiches and coffees in the end. Pah!

      I am enjoying your blogs Ranu and my visits to your beautiful site. Happy Sunday to you.


  3. That certainly does sound like a fun job. I was a thespian in high school and college and really enjoyed being in plays. I was even an extra in a movie for PBS (public broadcasting –like a US educational channel). I love fun character roles because you really get to move outside of your real personality. Once I had a family and began teaching, I just didn’t have time to participate in theatre anymore. However, my husband and I really enjoy attending plays. Great post!


    • Nodding in agreement. I agree character work is the best, it really lets you let go! You can get lost in the character’s world and have so much fun. Bravo to YOU on your professional credit for PBS. Well done. The high school roles sound fun too. I think performing is good for the soul!

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment ;-D


  4. Great post! I remembered my youth when I was willing to become a musician. I only sang on stage being a part of a choir. My dream was to be a soloist but I had a stage fright. I’m glad you did it. Congrats.


    • Thanks for your comment Olga. Singing in a choir feels so empowering. I’m glad you enjoyed singing. I sang popular songs alongside a loud band and didn’t have a moment to get nervous. Stage fright is completely understandable in solo work!

      In this fast pace world I am enjoying my visits to your blog more and more, your posts offer a great digest of news and current affairs.


  5. Congratulations not just for following your heart and your dreams but for more importantly what makes you happy. In today’s world, it’s hard to find a job that we really love and enjoy. For most, it’s a way to get by, pay the rent & so fort. You’re an inspiration for so many to never forget what brings them inner sparks, counting me!


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    • 😀 😀

      I am loving visiting your website Karen! Your work is unique and exciting to read. You are a major talent to create a whole world instantly through words and sustain it through all of the action that takes place. ‘Mary’s Nets’ is stunning!!


      • Lita Doolan…you are so generous of spirit to say so. Truly the silver lining on this cloud of an Internet. I glow and blush simultaneously, but need you to know: such kind words reinforces my notion I have something to say–rather than just a reallly weird imagination better stifled. (what I have done most of my life, trying to conform)

        and visiting nothing. I am setting up a spare room…:) with an awesome Window view…;)


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