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Over Due

Lately being late to leave the library has taught me a few things!     Don’t eat that Donut With a detox straight out of the box comes a beauty shot like a bullet to the heart. When you’re starved the head pulls a text book apart. Only cheese makes life easy. Now that I know what love isn’t joy […]
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Silent hands make light work

Watching the late Hans Josephson work in his studio silently places the mind into a blissful state of quiet.  His work is contained in the Swiss La Congiunta museum, in Giornico, which is devoted to his work.  The film that records his studio work offers admirable meditation from a life that has gracefully dealt with […]
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Trip the light fantastic

  The first time I got paid to do what I love, namely entertain, was my best job ever.  I can see my first pay packet today and remember staring at it in disbelief that I was being given money to be on stage, singing and dancing all day at a UK entertainment resort.  I […]
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