Glasgow Lockdown Lit Fest


Glasgow University announces a Literary Festival this month and I am thrilled that my call out for writers to the theme ‘Power Of One – stories from Lockdown’ is being featured.

Following a call for work on the Young Vic Genesis website-

Work was selected from over 50 applications to be programmed on this Saturday’s literary festival as following:

More by Charles Leipart

The End of the Day by Michael Noonan

Note to an Astronaut by Olivia Gillman

To My Reflection in the Window of a Bus That Momentarily Stopped at the Traffic Lights Outside My

Ground Floor Window – by Isaac Worthington

WITH THIS RING by Allie Costa

The Promise by Olu Alakija

Akosua in her Room by Jessica Mensah

No Smell by Archie Whyld

Officially Recovered by Rex McGregor

Mad Woman in the Attic by Martha Watson Allpress

One great thing to pop out of Lockdown is the creativity that has reconfigured the internet to being a friend, not simply something that keeps us busy.

And I wonder too, if it will last when we get our freedom back! (I hope so).

Hear work from 10 writers from all corners of the globe (US, NZ, EU) sharing their reflections on lockdown.

If you have had enough of lockdown I promise the writing and the actors will transport you from head to toe! Original Event listing is >> here

But watch without delay below –

I hope the 10 pieces of writing enlighten or enliven the senses. More importantly I hope this lockdown is keeping you and your loved ones safe.


7 thoughts on “Glasgow Lockdown Lit Fest

    • Yes! Amazing sunshine here. It helps. Shining some warmth and happiness to you Paula. Wishing you a lovely weekend full of fun, smiles and laughter 😀 waving to you, your pal, Lita


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