Power of One

Exciting work by these gifted writers streamed right now from our story telling event at Glasgow below

Performed by amazing actors Judy Leonard and Ian McShee –

Join us today by watching the event below

It’s a gripping 40 minute show!  With super reviews.. ‘It’s been a real highlight!’

BURNING MAN PROJECT – How to be Young Again Lita Doolan's Audio Books

New writing Directed by Lita Doolan Performed by Judy Leonard and Ian McShee Curated as part of Burning Man Virtual Festival 2020 VERTEBRAE, CLAUSTROPHOBIA, AND DANIEL DAY-LEWIS by Donna Latham The Retrieval by Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi  Mother Nature by Lee R. Lawing The Coat by Nick Maynard Bunny Hop by Judy Upton That Weekend in Belfast by Martha Patterson Ghost Walks by Geoffrey Heptonstall The Menopausal Freshman by Joyce Newman Grazed Knees by Elspeth McColl Blackpool Rock by Lita Doolan Come and enjoy a rich afternoon of poetry and stories. Hear more of our future work here  The event is part of BURNING MAN FESTIVAL 2020  
  1. BURNING MAN PROJECT – How to be Young Again
  2. Rainbow Poetry for Pride
  3. Power of One Stories from Lockdown
  4. Shop Local! Podcast Global 5 Exciting Authors
  5. Interview with Judy Leonard about Local Theatre

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