How to be Young Again

So much happening in recent days. I caught this pebble on my walk and it was a delight.

This Saturday 1pm – How to be young again begins…

Whatever is inspiring you these days, please join in a brand new story telling event, July 4th, 1pm and let a host of new stories by exciting writers catch your imagination.


The Retrieval by Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi 

Mother Nature by Lee R. Lawing

The Coat by Nick Maynard

Bunny Hop by Judy Upton

That Weekend in Belfast by Martha Patterson

Ghost Walks by Geoffrey Heptonstall

The Menopausal Freshman by Joyce Newman

Grazed Knees by Elspeth McColl

Blackpool Rock by (myself!) Lita Doolan

Come and enjoy a rich afternoon of poetry and stories.

The event is part of BURNING MAN FESTIVAL 2020

Free for all and all welcome. Pick up a ticket here

2 thoughts on “How to be Young Again

    • Thank you Mabel. Our park is decorated now with a path full of these beauties. It is a lovely way we have now of connecting with strangers, wondering who amongst us has painted these caring messages! Every connecting now counts. Maybe that is quite a nice thing, we value connection more. I just had another read of your recent blog. Very wise and useful. All my good wishes.

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