One Last Gasp

Time feels cancelled some days. The slowness catches up with me and I sense my breath. The quieter pace of life is opening new experiences although (Thankfully) the world around me is evolving to being a safe place.

This limbo feels like a last gasp of all sorts of joys and unusual occurrences. I have dropped many habits like watching TV and buying new clothes. It’s a revelation that I don’t need stuff.. just maybe donuts!

To this end I am creating a fresh new writing project that will be aired on November 28th. It’s free and obviously you are most highly welcome.

Our last project how to be you(ng) again was a hit last month at the Burning Man online festival and I remain grateful to the authors and performers who shared their gifts and the viewers who switched onto zoom and lent us their ears. Catch an audio recording of these 10 beautiful gems of new writing on the podcast here

Previous to this our work was curated by Dublin Fringe and the Glasgow Literary Festival where the production was reviewed as a ‘real highlight’.

The new writing that I am calling out for now are poems, stories and speeches that show something new, a rediscovery after returning somewhere, that can only be experienced now, like one last gasp.

It’s exciting to engage with freshly pressed writing and each piece always takes me somewhere new – a celebration of the imagination.

Wherever you are, I hope all is well with you.

Please feel free to enjoy our previous offerings and share any comments.

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