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A Blenheim Orange Apple

Apples are the most sociable fruit.  Bobbing up and down in water they are ducking apples used by kids for Halloween games. If fruit trees are inherited in a garden there’s often story to dig up from the past. New varieties pop up in old gardens all the time! One of the joys of growing your own fruit is that you get to eat […]
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Rock Edge Rolls thro American Garden via Early Oxford Archaeology

  When I moved to Oxford from Wales I wanted to be near greenery that connected me to a childhood past.  The budget did not stretch to a chic property overlooking one of the prominent parks however I did notice that there were some neighbourhood conservation areas in progress that held some promise (although even […]
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Autumn makes space for sunny stories

It was something I had struggled with in the past.   Feng Shui was what I badly needed in my life. Order, symmetry, and clear surfaces promise so much yet the simple journey to get to this destination I did not have time for.   As a fellow Blogger, Writer or Artist you may agree that there […]
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