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How to be Young Again

So much happening in recent days. I caught this pebble on my walk and it was a delight. This Saturday 1pm – How to be young again begins… Whatever is inspiring you these days, please join in a brand new story telling event, July 4th, 1pm and let a host of new stories by exciting […]
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Power of One

Exciting work by these gifted writers streamed right now from our story telling event at Glasgow below Performed by amazing actors Judy Leonard and Ian McShee – Join us today by watching the event below It’s a gripping 40 minute show!  With super reviews.. ‘It’s been a real highlight!’

Display of Genius at Bodleian Library

    Oxford publisher Basil Blackwell was known as the ‘Gaffer’ and has his personal library on display near a featured exhibition of books curated by Sir Thomas Bodley in the Bodleian library. Bodley founded the library that is showing off some brand new architecture that envelops the outside. The new additions to the Bodleian […]
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on your marks

The whistle sounds and the race is on to get to the soap box  first.  The public speaking tent is all set up in the city for one day only.  A  piece of free speech is on the table.  With no holds barred, five minutes is all the audience will stand for.  Rain is blowing […]
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