Walk that walk. Crazy nothing.

My friend is like that.   She is very stubborn.  She will not back down even if we are walking around in loops.  That is why I invented this walking tour.  You plug in your phone.  However many you are and you get on with your life.

You see all there is to see.

You don’t miss out.

Not even on your kindred spirits because you remain friends after.

And the tour ends in the most beautiful Grand Cafe with the perfect chocolate.

We don’t have any local family to do the tour with us.  Our in laws aren’t here.   They will come in the new year.  They let us settle in as we listen to the end of the tour and sit in a cafe.

She shows me a picture of her in Brazil.  She says she misses her family.  She does not connect with her husband’s family.  She tells me this after our 40 minute tour we did in silence.  Silence has power.  She’s a little bit out there.

The tour exists because of her inspiration.

She encouraged me to take a break from the decluttering (still de bugging the study…)



The good news is I used making a walking tour on voicemap as a way to break in expensive shoes that haven’t fitted me for 3 years (since I brought them) when I had no need for the high heeled boots.

Try the tour for yourself it you fancy.


Let me know how it makes you talk after.  After the stillness of the shire me and my pal spoke honestly and openly.  Like we never have before.  Distant history makes you do this I feel, dig deeper, find your own story.



The tour tells a story full of conflict from the  big bad bositerous kings trying to make an unpopular plan work to the struggles within Oxford’s old Saxon city design.

Medieval Machiavellians?


You decide.


They’re all married now.


Unlike me.

The online tour is here

As my partner walks of with another I stand up for you.  Let’s live the tourist single life, tread the path of other famous men.

Best foot forward…



2 thoughts on “Walk that walk. Crazy nothing.

  1. This is something, a walk in silence with someone, and maybe even walking alongside them listening to a voicemap. Don’t think many of us do that…but I’m guilty of that. You are so right when you say silence has power. If you can be silent together, you let each other be and be yourself, and when the silence does get broken, it is always a realisation of having been some place. Happy decluttering when you get the time 🙂

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