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Anne Bayne of Duddingston Loch

Anne loved the Artist Allan Ramsay who painted her with such tenderness. At the time before their marriage he travelled through Italy. Anne would have felt alone with her thoughts and love for him. Before their marriage in 1739 Allan spent time in Rome learning the Rococo style of painting that inspired his own work. […]
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Walk that walk. Crazy nothing.

My friend is like that.   She is very stubborn.  She will not back down even if we are walking around in loops.  That is why I invented this walking tour.  You plug in your phone.  However many you are and you get on with your life. You see all there is to see. You don’t […]
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Napoli unplugged

fSmall audio tape and film follows the feelings of a couple parting over coffee in Naples.  Their emotions reflected the distorted beauty around the cafe. With the blue moon appearing later in the month the moment felt strangely timely to write about people embracing a new opportunity, even if they felt they had no choice […]
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