Wayland’s Smithy Burial Chamber


During this sunny weather I visited a beautiful site, once believed to have been the home of Wayland, the Saxon god of metal working.

Human remains found on the site show an earlier burial structure was here between 3590 and 3550 BC.

Between 3460 and 3400 BC a second larger barrow was constructed on top. It is the ruins of this that we see above.

Original monuments often give way to bigger replacements.  Everything evolves it seems.

Walking home along the Ridgeway the ‘white horse’ carving is visible.  Up close it is hard to see the actual shape.  It makes me realise the value of distance.  Clarity emerges.

The shape of the valley seen below was carved by a glacier the ultimate design.  It’s nice sometimes to feel slightly swamped by the enormity of the planet and then resume the day.


If you have enjoyed this walk with me through nature along this explosed hill site, my new garden book is free to download this weekend here

4 thoughts on “Wayland’s Smithy Burial Chamber

  1. That these ruins go back to ancient times, that the valley was formed by a glacier, is humbling. How many earlier generations marveled at this? I love that feeling and really enjoyed this post!


    • Yes that was my thought too standing looking over it. It’s great to feel connected by all those generations. I had that exact moment of thinking wow some Saxon guy stared out at this horizon. Tingling!!!!! Great to hear from you and looking forward to reading more about the changing horizons of NYC. I still wished I had spent a life living in your city – after living as a nanny there at aged 18 it just rocked. Enjoy your city’s views for me!


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