Time for Tea



The story of the 2002 Cowgate fire is told through the lives of 3 fragile lives shattered by the event.

‘Succinct’ – Paul Vale of ‘The Stage’


Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street – July 30th 12.30 – £7 (£5)  Book Now


Flames burn for 52 hours after a spark devastates a city.

A young girl goes missing, destroying the lives she touches as the safe places she once hid in crumble.

‘Personal, beautiful and heartfelt’ – Audience Comment

personal, beautiful and heartfelt



"Time for Tea" by Lita Doolan


Abbi Douetil – Mila  (above)

Sean Huddlestan – Max

Jenny Rowe   – Emily

Book now for this show > here


When an explosion rips open Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, vulnerable lives fracture.

Mila’s foster mother clings to the wreckage of a burnt out caravan and searches for her.

When Mila’s foster father is released from prison the city is in melt down.  His daughter is missing.

Her foster mother knows the girl is being stalked but refuses to speak to Police.

Mila runs away and tries to remain safe by giving her stalker the slip in cafe toilets.

Fringe shows fill the city making it hard to spot a dangerous face in the crowd. Can Mila be found in time?



Writer/Director – Lita Doolan

Lighting – Laura Bradley

Design – Johney Fatimaharan

Film – Arco Parkin

Costume – Jo at http://www.stylemistresslondon.com


Below – Stockwell Playhouse Cast – Jessica Rose, George Turner, Abbi Douetil

Rehearsal pictures from previous production:


George Turner – Max

Jessica Rose – Emily

Rehearsal pictures from ‘Time for Tea’:

Tea time will never be the same again.

‘Succinct’ – Paul Vale of the Stage

See this July 30th 12.30 Etcetera Theatre, Camden Fringe

Selected for Stockwell Playhouse One Act Festival

This play was part of London’s longest running one act festival 

3 thoughts on “Time for Tea

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  2. Sounds like an exciting time for your art, Lita. That sounds like a narrative that you don’t hear every day. All the best with rehearsals and hope everything pans out well. Nothing like getting immersed in your craft and then it finally happens and you live in the moment. Enjoy 🙂

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