Old Amber

Through a piece of old Amber where all insect life is preserved. I wondered what those stages of life revealed.

Inspired by January and the history of insects inspiration uncurled.

I needed some extra light for January and turned to an antique ring for magic.

“The worm’s turn.”

The click

Of midnight sticks

The firefly’s fight

To white starlight that slices

Thro life like a knife

Edge of a cold water fall.

Out of which a body crawls

As two planets slide

Both feet collide.

Out of a unlit gutter

A chrysalis mutters

‘Exactly what you are

Is when you find the bright star’.

What the worm needs

Comes as it breathes

And what was once solid and tense

now forgives, flies and repents.

As the worm shuns

It’s old patterns;

Now with each quake

The footsteps do not shake.

Alternate January Lights –

2 thoughts on “Old Amber

  1. ‘Thro life like a knife. Edge of a cold water fall’ Really like these two lines. Gives me the feeling that one is coming so close to taking a risk, and losing everything they have got. But sometimes we just need to take the plunge to move forwards, ourselves in free fall and then see the light. ‘The footsteps do not shake’ speaks to me of confidence, that one is walking with an air of self-assurance and proud of oneself and their choices. A very positive way to end the poem 🙂 Lovely night photos as well. Looks like you’ve been out and about 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you from my heart for this encouragement. I’m inspired by how you pick out the shining pieces from a work. You have a great eye. I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Here in UK we have just bounced back from doing very badly in the Eurovision Contest! The song was one of hope but really I think brexit may have had something to do with the poor result! I see the songs on Eurovision as poems too. Wishing you a wonderful Summer ahead my friend.

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