Oxfordshire Art Week

After a joyful group show at Filet London and Echos Studios Brazil

I am showing my digital work online at Oxfordshire Art Week.

The landscapes can be viewed by clicking this >> link << when it goes active in Spring time.

I discovered six trees from Japan in our local park today.

Following the ley lines is inspiring, fresh and joyful. The hedgerow makes a drawing out of the countryside. The colour contrasts pop as Nature sign posts the way. Each tree has it’s own shape, season and song.

Space to thrive fits together

I would love to hear your thoughts.

The local landscapes are taking my pen on a one line drawing journey, full of energy, twists and juicy shapes.

2 thoughts on “Oxfordshire Art Week

    • Hello Paula. So lovely to hear from you. I hope all is well. I am on my way to catch up with your insightful colourful poetry on your website. I appreciate your comment as with us heading through the sunny evenings those tawny orange colours are still here. What a great painter Nature is!
      All my good wishes to you. Lita.


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