After Shark

Excited to bring the story of the shark that shipped up on Newlyn Harbour this year to Manchester Fringe.

A great cast that includes Jo Phillips-Lane, Julie Broadbent and Ian McShee tell the true story of how a rare shark swam up to Newlyn shore. Find out the story of the rare mammal in July online at the Manchester Fringe event – streaming digitally for free throughout July > here.

Life on a Cornish Harbour is hard work and full of adventures. Sometimes hard choices are made. This does not prepare the tough workers for the outpouring emotion over the fate of a rare Greenland Shark. The animal is 100 years old, a mere teenager in shark years with so much ahead. The will to improve the environment spreads and unites the community.

NEWS – After Shark is accepted this week by NYC International Film Festival

LATEST – As Author of After Shark, Lita speaks to ALL FM radio Manchester on the Sunday ArtBeat show. Thank you Andrew for a wonderful interview!

JUST IN – Stephi Wild from BROADWAY WORLD writes about our opening night > here

Would you like to know more about this beautiful rare shark?

There’s still time to get your complimentary ticket for online viewing > here

We would love to welcome you!

Here is a short preview


Congratulations to cast and company on winning BEST SHORT DRAMA category for NYC International Film Festival. Bravo!

3 thoughts on “After Shark

  1. The show sounds like a captivating one with an important message about conservation behind it. More needs to be done to protect many endangered species out there, and art is one way we can communicate about it. All the best for the season ahead for you. Hope you are well, Lita 🙂


    • Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog Mabel. I am privileged to welcome you here. Yes we are getting excited to open our show on Friday. This Summer has been full of fun. All is well here. Lovely to read your latest post on the qualities of being quiet. I find stillness a great place to get things made and generally polished. You have lots of wisdom in that post especially for those who like to make art.

      I heartedly agree with you that yes more needs to be done to help vulnerable species survive. We are glad we can bring out a film to bring a story to light that may inspire good things!

      Looking forward to your next article Mabel. All good wishes to you. Lita.


      • Always enjoy visiting your blog, and I always find something to take away from what you share. Hope your show had a great opening this week and it has a good run. So important to raise awareness about vulnerable species and helping where we can. All the best with your work and art, Lita 🙂


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