Tigers In The Wisteria

Coming Soon to Greater Manchester Fringe!

An adventure around London’s Bloomsbury with Ottoline. It’s 1922 and Lady Morrell is looking for the right love letter to put into a memorial for her beloved Tiger.

Life is not a straight line as she stands in her tangled garden that has been without a labourer since Tiger passed. Who will tame the Wisteria and where should she leave her memorial?

Emotions mix with the fresh new bulbs that are flung through her letterbox from cheeky children who joke that the bulbs are the martian landing in London. She wonders if this is what the Renaissance has now come to.

Meanwhile she walks into a church to find calm and receives an enlightened thought.

Ottoline hopes to make some sense of it and channels the childish playfulness around her as she leaves sketches of her garden.

The show will be free to stream during July online at Greater Manchester Fringe.

You shall go to the Ball. Ottoline is waiting.

One thought on “Tigers In The Wisteria

  1. Very exciting time for you, Lita. Sounds like an insightful look into history. Sometimes reaching within to your inner child is what you need to make sense of things and move forward. All the best 🙂


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