Pinhole Camera (perfomance)

How much can you see through a tiny hole?

I wonder…

I just bought a brand new fancy (at least to me) Lumix camera. So far it’s fun fiddling around with the app and delving into the new technology.

At the same time it’s great to know Artists still use pinhole cameras to create intense colours and deepen our connection to the real world with old school technology. (Like a certain forthcoming Dwell Time exhibition…)

In its day I’m certain the pinhole camera had a big buzz just like the hottest DSLR lens of today.

I still rely on the point and click method although I’m heartened by the detail I’m getting out of using my new camera in an automatic style.

Just like my poetry, I love how a tiny thought, a distant seed flailing about in the wind, can be drawn into something (hopefully) resonant and (sometimes) epic.

Whatever your connection to poetry and the world around it’s important during Summer, I feel to make the most of all the vibrancy going on in the natural world. Everything is opening up. Maybe this is why now is an inspiring time. Do you feel a stronger sense of inspiration right now to do one thing, any thing? It’s a great result when art of some description mirrors this. But what do we do all this extra oomph 😀

For me, I’m picking up the reins of performing my poetry at Huddersfield Train Station in two weeks. I’m excited to perform alongside other poets. It will be a supportive space for audience and writers alike to spend time.

For certain if you were passing I would love to welcome you to the event. It is a free occasion and I have the link here. (However, I will report back and hope you send me good wishes for the event!). Around the railway station in Huddersfield there are old buildings with new poetry written on the walls.

The show is site-specific for many reasons most of which will become clear during the reading. In addiiton, an author is also reading from her latest book. How exciting to be around the birth of a literary project. I wonder if words mean more in print than in person or maybe it’s just different.

As I sit typing this in an almost empty cafe sipping on my cold cookies and cream drink I have been handed for free because I am here so often I wonder if truly I am an introvert inside and if so why do I chose to perform? I think it is different when you are sharing work, showing a connection and ultimately hoping the communication is meaningful .

What brings us meaning though. I’m going to sit with that a while and finish my drink as they prepare to close the cafe for the night.

Wishing you a warm and wonderful Summer full of blossoming thoughts and much beauty around you x

3 thoughts on “Pinhole Camera (perfomance)

  1. You go a new camera! So exciting for you and it sounds like so far you are having a fun time playing with it 🙂 I love new cameras…and admittedly it’s not everyday we all get a new camera. It could be many years or even a decade later before you get another. It’s great pinhole cameras are still around, and also film cameras though many of them are slowly becoming really ancient.

    It is a great question you asked about inspiration. Certain times of my life and during certain seasons/weather I feel more inspired about one thing. In summer, I am usually more ready to write and in winter I am more eager sitting back in a heated place reading and learning.

    Good luck performing your poetry in two weeks and hope all of you get inspired by each other 🙂

    Btw, I really like a cookies and cream milkshake 😀

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    • It’s funny how what I need to read finds me! Your words here – about sitting back in the warm in Winter to follow inspiration is validating! And supporting my process. I’m used to wandering and following the paths to find inspiration but today we had frost on the ground. It lasted until the afternoon so I was being a bit hard on myself thinking out was better than in – but it has all worked out well, I got stuff done. Then I read your words and thought yep, it’s all good. Being inside works well. Happy New Year. Looking forward to learning more on your blog in 2020 x

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