Shop Local! Podcast Global!

C&A, BHS, Saxone, Dasco.. all gone

Today Beale’s and Boswell’s face closure. Oxford’s oldest independent department store will be no more.. I had a lovely morning in their hand made chocolate department and wandered up to write this short poem ..

Staff like friends

Play let’s pretend

As plastic soldiers

Guard the stairs

In a shop with no security tags

Or iconic carrier bags

Winners ribbon is sold in reams

In this department store of dreams

Walking away I decided to call out for work from others to create a montage of reactions to our High Street changing so fast..

I loved reading the amazing responses – top 5 are being read near The Hub in Somerset on Saturday. Actress Judy Leonard will perform and a podcast recording will result.

How do we keep shops local?

More information about this shared project – is Here

Inspired by Oxford’s oldest independent family owned department store closing after 200 years.

if you can.. while there’s still time.. SHOP LOCAL!

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