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Pinhole Camera (perfomance)

How much can you see through a tiny hole? I wonder… I just bought a brand new fancy (at least to me) Lumix camera. So far it’s fun fiddling around with the app and delving into the new technology. At the same time it’s great to know Artists still use pinhole cameras to create intense […]
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Nosey Parker Poem

I felt inspired by too much time in coffee shops due to the grey skies (the weather has been so random!).   With so much time people watching I penned a small selection of poetry during a 30 day challenge to put smiles on peoples faces (and help us all brave the weird weather!). A […]
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A Blenheim Orange Apple

Apples are the most sociable fruit.  Bobbing up and down in water they are ducking apples used by kids for Halloween games. If fruit trees are inherited in a garden there’s often story to dig up from the past. New varieties pop up in old gardens all the time! One of the joys of growing your own fruit is that you get to eat […]
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