Nosey Parker Poem

I felt inspired by too much time in coffee shops due to the grey skies (the weather has been so random!).   With so much time people watching I penned a small selection of poetry during a 30 day challenge to put smiles on peoples faces (and help us all brave the weird weather!).

A selection of funny rhymes are here to delight you for your coffee break.  Make of it what you will.  The full selection is going to be published on Amazon in exchange for some spare change.

I read out some of these verses on Periscope recently (the gory evidence of me getting caught in a down pour is on my twitter @litadoolan) and I got some interesting remarks off people asking me whether it is really *ME* I am writing about in the poems. Hm.  That IS food for thought!



Stood Up Sandra

The pizza slices flew

And the coffee brewed

As the lunch date showed

So late she crowed

To a waiter about wilting

flower arrangements tilting.

The date now an hour absent

without a text to repent

Of a man stuck

Behind a truck

Is not excused

So she deduced

Tonight she dines

Alone and lines

Up the spoons stuck

To a tablecloth cut

for clean shaped

Romance. In desperation she vaped

As no masked crusader swooped

In before her corsage drooped.

cut flowers

Coffee Cake

Still moment shakes

Cake together with hand made

Coffee creamed

With a moment steamed

Of love between two diners just met

Chairs together as close as you get.

They leave

Sighs heave

Around them as eyes focus

On the dessert that never was.


William’s Watercolour of Westminster

Sunsets fell

As orange shade gels

White hot sun of Chelsea soaring

As a man stood drawing

The glowing sky in flames roaring

The subtle heat gnawing.

Hard to know the 19th century overhead show

was due to Krakatoa volcano.

stromboli volcano

Fly Frida

She boasts

On the phone as she coasts

Along paths that crowd

Her free spirit once allowed

To unconditionally fly

With a sigh

Has flown.

She disowns

The feeling that everything moved

And time alone smoothed

Her worldly view.

Who knew.

For some reason writing in rhyme has become important to me so I am thoroughly grateful for you taking the time to read.

Maybe it is true it is always ‘us’ we are writing about.  It would explain why it is a moment of discomfort to share poetry with others (or is that just me?!).  I am living and learning this month!  Wishing you wonderful magic ahead 😉  Cheers!

PS If you are looking for more in a similar vein.. it’s HERE !

14 thoughts on “Nosey Parker Poem

  1. I really like the first poem. It started off so promising with the thought of pizza and then a no-show. Romance comes and goes, just like how hope can be so promising yet so fleeting. The last poem speaks freedom to me – take the plunge and who knows where you will go. Liberation. Congrats on the book on Amazon 😊

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    • Hearty thanks Mabel for this valuable insights and feedback. I am grateful. The pizza is based on a personal story haha!! 😉 I agree, romance comes and goes for sure!! The sun is shining here after the drama of our General Election. We are waiting to see how things unfold. I loved your blog on the highs and lows of following your vocation. It’s an interesting road we tread for sure! All my good wishes

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  2. I love these little poems ! And taking us through those experiences, Very cute! I’ve been MIA from blogging myself, but I’m trying to get back in the game. Hope you are doing great and life’s been treating you well. Much love ❤


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