Wyre Lady of Fleetwood

Five go on an adventure in BRIGHTON!

We feel so lucky to take our story of a Fleetwood Fisherman to the online Fringe in Brighton – it’s England’s largest Arts Festival, it’s right beside the sea and there is an amazing ice cream shop there called Maroco!


We were excited to tell folk about our new song in the Festival Square where jugglers and fire eaters entertain passers by who are probably just out to do a bit of shopping. Everything is distanced which is why story telling is just about everywhere in this brightly coloured, big hearted, bold city!

Wyre Lady of Fleetwood is our show.

Our 30 minute, online, free adventure takes the viewer to the edges of a Lancashire town called Fleetwood. The town was booming with ‘Cod Heads’ or the sort of fishermen who would take a boat to Iceland and be hardy enough to keep fishing while the boat was freezing over.

Doing our research amongst sea shanties and folk renting homes along Dock Street we saw how the heart of the place beats strongly.

Of course we would love you to see it. We are Lita, Ian, Bhasker, Jo, Mabel and Julie and you will see us in our show we made. It’s free and it will last 30 minutes. We hope we can share this with you and we send you good thoughts.

It means a lot when other people ‘catch’ what we are trying to put out there so reading the most wonderful review from Mumble Theatre we feel honoured and joyful.

‘Something to look forward to!’

We remain reflective about the strength it took to fish in open seas in all weathers. The UK has since lost a lot of its right to access parts of the sea both at home and away. It’s not all bad news though as some Icelandic boats still recruit British Fishermen to pull in the fish. Tucking into a plate of Fish and Chips now feels a whole lot different!

Jump on board. Come to Fleetwood with us!

Writer – Lita Doolan

Cast – Julie Broadbent (above), Ian McShee (below), Bhasker Patel, Jo Phillips-Lane, Mabel Pritchard (top)

4 thoughts on “Wyre Lady of Fleetwood

  1. Love how you introduced your post, Lita. Five go on an adventure – made famous by Enid Blyton. At the same time, this sounds like it describes your story and production of it very aptly. Congratulations to you and your group on your theatrical piece. The sea can indeed be friend or foe. You could have one day good weather and the other not so good, and one day you get a good catch and the other day you don’t. Sounds like you did a lot of research and tried to be in your protagonists’ shoes too and translating what you feel into your work. Hope your show goes well. Well done. That fish and chips looks amazing 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • So wonderful to hear from you Mabel. I have just been taking in the useful pointers in your recent post regarding standing up against prejudice. Your blog continues to go from strength to strength and remains topical and useful.

      Our show comes to the end of its run now, just 3 days left! I am so grateful for your comment. It is a treasure to do a project and attract bright wonderful people to tell a story with. The research was so interesting and I feel so happy we did this.

      Hoping life is good with you Mabel and that all is well. Looking forward to reading your next post!



      • So kind of you to say about my blog, Lita. Thank you so much. It is terrific stuff that you are doing with art and theater, and hope you had a good run til the end. It’s always inspiring to see people like you, ordinary folk pursuing creativity and so much meaning from it. I really admire that and look forward to coming back to your blog again for more 🙂


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