Bayswater Mill

Curiosity and the cat – I don’t have a dog so I follow my cats advice and just roam.

A few miles away from my home is Barton, it’s a place I have never been as I believed it to be largely suburban and mainly residential houses.

It is a nice day and so it is easy to just follow the path. Look at the photos to see what I find.

Bayswater Mill flows along side acres of country fields. Sheep are grazing and the roads are quiet (even though the main road to London runs a few hundred yards away.)

I speak to a few dog walkers who are happy to spend the time of day and they tell me there is a lot more woodland behind the mill stream.

There is sand in the children’s play area which is my connection to the ocean day.

The 70mph gusts of wind from the day before have strewn sticks over the field in a dramatic way and there are still seagulls overhead.

I’m thrilled to find a connection to the coast on my doorstep.

I decide to tell the story of a woman who lived her last few months beside a Mill Stream, Mary Blandy here in May. If you live locally I hope you will come and join me here at Bayswater Mill for an outdoor promenade performance.

Until then my play Time for Tea opens at Dunedin Fringe this Friday 19th March – you can watch it with us online, free with this link

I’m so glad I found our local Mill Stream. The babbling brook is peaceful and the woodland behind it open and welcoming. Nature is truly the best artist.

I send all my good wishes.

4 thoughts on “Bayswater Mill

  1. It’s so lovely to catch up with you again, Lita. It sounded like an enjoyable day in Barton for you. Lovely photos and it looks like a quiet town, great for peaceful walks. The dog walkers sounded friendly 🙂 When I go to small towns nearby I find the locals are always up for a chat – small communities tend to be friendly here in Australia at least. I liked how you described the stream as ‘babbling brook’. So very English and haven’t heard the phrase in a while.

    Congrats on your play at the Dunedin Fringe. Hope you have a good time with your art 🙂

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    • That is such a wise point – small towns have friendly faces we just have to smile and connect. It is great to know kind people are in our communities.

      Loving your recent posts Mabel. Good wishes


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    • You are right Paula! The timing is interesting as now in UK we are edging outwards more. I just read your beautiful poem on looking up at trees on your blog. Wonderful experience. Thank you.

      Your comment is encouraging and it is always great to share a viewpoint – all good things!


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