Snow is falling

Everything is clean and fresh this week. 5.30am saw the start of snow falling everywhere.

So unusual to have inches of the white stuff, enough to roll into a big ball and yes everyone has gone snow man barmy! Every street corner has its own chap, a new crew to hang out with…!

The fun is such a great distraction with parents dragging their toddlers around on sledges along the icy roads. It is the white festive holiday we all wished for!

Whatever this week has in store for you I hope that magic is sprinkled liberally on your street! Some of the vivid colours on my exercise walk look so alive.

And on the way back.. a fast jumping squirrel so full of va va voom!

PS My new livestream show is popping up here 😉

Green shoots and roots up on the roof are almost a scent of the Mediterranean!

Warm waves to you!

This weather has achieved it’s magic in bringing all our local community together. It’s a wonderful feeling. Reminds me of the amazing Living Record Festival I am part of. iIt is a joyful experience being with other story tellers, creating an inspiring kind and welcoming space and I am glad for all the communities I am part of. Including this epic WordPress one. ❤

3 thoughts on “Snow is falling

  1. How lovely for you. Snow is routine here in Canada but even at that, it hasnt been a heavy winter…yet. When there is less than expected, we Canadians brace for the storm. It usually comes when we no longer want it. 😊Happy weekend to you!

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    • That’s a good idea to think about the odds – you may already have read that in UK we abandon our rituals and operate with reduced service on a snow day! I bet Canada is looking pretty right now. A Welsh school pal of mine has become a Canadian recently. I hear wonderful things about your Country! Wishing you a lovely Sunday Paula.

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