After a bracing few days at Brighton Fringe people watching and eating chips on the pier (fighting off the seagulls!)

It is now time to head through London to home towards Manchester

and start gearing up for some more excitement

of Greater Manchester Fringe where 10 new pieces of work will be brought to life under the name Gasp. The actors are bringing incredible characters to life – Rebecca Phythian (above) plays out a period piece of story telling.

Other actresses from an International cast include Lisa Gabor, Chandni Supawala, Judy Leonard and Julie Broadbent (pictured below.)

The journey to find the best performances and sharpest writing takes in some of the old buildings that are now being converted into flats.

If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit.. (I DO!) Pull up a blanket, pour a cup of matcha and let old fashioned story telling bring cold weather comfort – free online – on November 28th 1pm

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