Morning Glory

On a muggy day the history of the architecture in a University town can feel at odds with what is going on the world.

The Palladian architecture in the shot below can seem detached from our fast paced disposable living.

In the background is the Radcliffe Camera, a building of Oxford University designed by James Gibbs in neo-classical style and built in 1737–1749 to house the Radcliffe Science Library.

Knitted flowers adorn the railings of the famous academic icon of the city, our central academic library.

So many hours of concentration has burst out into colourful woolly petals with the logo of a mental health charity attached.

This feels a beautiful celebration of sanity, resilience and all those good things !  Especially when the sun is shining.


Luckily the fast thinking that charges through the place buds out into amazing life sustaining ideas.

I had to share this even though the image is a simple one!  I give you one example that hit me between the eyes this morning.

radcliffe camera

I have my feelings in a short wee poem.


Woollen flowers stand

on iron that meets the grassy land

as a bicycle stops by to stare.

All that feels clear is in the air.

Summer leaves

this town muddy as it cleaves

to lost identity.

Only undergraduate life turns the key.


It’s wonderful to see the woolly petals move in the breeze.




I cheat however, as I don’t own a bicycle and so walk on the old cobbles as I get away..

Steps on stone slip
Over words dug
Deep in shapes carved
As the present moves
Past with force through a replay
Of a beautiful yesterday

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21 thoughts on “Morning Glory

    • Super question !! There has been a culture of crafts being used as a therapy during times of anxiety so that might be the reference. Although to be honest I don’t know 😉 I liked the way of the goofy style of knitting flowers, it seemed to have a resilience about it. Lovely to hear from you. I enjoyed your post on doubt and how to handle that. Beautiful images !

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      • ~ I hear ya! I read a post on locks recently and wondered what this symbolized. Very pretty picture 🙂
        I have a new url (deleted the old one by accident when I upgraded to my own domain)

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    • haha!! I loved the vervet monkeys that stopped by to share your morning coffee with you. That’s good neighbours ! At least a pink bike will be hard to loose. It just popped out in the sunshine. Thank you for sharing the beautiful views. Dankie!

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  1. Always love your poetry, Lita. Really like how this one rhymes with every two lines. It sounds effortless and each line flows into the other 🙂 There is some kind of old charm about quite a few university buildings and their architecture, as you alluded too. The Radcliff camera sort of resembles a castle in a way from the outside. It looks a bit similar to my university that I went to, The University of Melbourne – walking down the corridors of the older buildings I feel like a dragon might be chasing me 😀

    That bike has a lovely bright orange seat, like it’s begging for someone to come sit and ride away with it 😀

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    • Lovely to hear from you Mabel. I have good friends who live near Melbourne, it sounds an amazing city with some terrific theatres. I love the idea of a dragon chasing me through the labyrinth of dark corridors of a library. I am Welsh and the dragon is on our national flag ! I enjoyed your recent post with a great insight on how parents influence our dreams. A great take. Have a lovely weekend! ps the pink bicycle did tempt me to go for a ride ! ;-D

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  2. I love how each flower is different, how the bicycles are different, but all have cheery, colorful colors in contrast to the serious stone building. The old-school pink bike is adorable. Schools often have their own cultures. Thanks, Lita, for sharing this moment!

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    • So great to hear from you Linda. Thank you for connecting me to the inspiration of BlogHer event in your recent post. LA looks fun ! I love your insight on the knitted flowers, each being different (and the contrast) I passed them again today so it was lovely to look with fresh eyes and be mindful of your description. Happy days !

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