The story we tell ourselves is the backdrop to our lives.  Transform your story, transform your life.  Maybe it’s time for a change.  Don’t live by default.  On this site I share my stories and my interest in yours and whatever is opening up for you now.

I help people dissolve the past using stories so we free up the future by stretching fully in the present.

My last play was May 9-11th at Brighton Fringe.  ‘Mary Blandy’s Gallows Tree’, gained positive reviews and it was a privilege to perform in front of Mary’s blood relative as I told her story imprisonment of Oxford Castle in 1752.

I go deeper in this  interview where I share my process with acclaimed Artist Tara Roskell

And tell more of my stories in my new 5 star rated poetry collection here .

Some of the places I have shared my work ;

Film Screenings:

The Clod Man – Alvsbyn Film Festival & Hallucinea Film Festival

Brave New Year – London Shorts Film Festival

Ain’t No Female Romeo – Los Angeles Lift Off Film Festival

Holy Cod/Wyre Lady of Fleetwood

Madras International Film Festival, Santa Cruz 8th International Film Festival & Winner of 1st Monthly Festival

Theatre –

I am available for producing readings and workshops and take writing commissions.

Playing to wonderful reviews is Wyre Lady of Fleetwood – enjoy a complimentary ticket here

Enjoy my off West-End work

My recent play featured at the last International Playwriting Festival and my previous plays are kindly listed here

Nothing will lift you up like a good story. Well nothing except maybe great pizza!


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  1. Thanks Lita for dropping by and deciding to keep tabs on my ‘experiments’! …dipping into yours now & looking forward to interesting things considering your take on ’emerging’ 😀 ..Cheers!

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    • Thank you so much! This is such a thrill. I am both honoured and humble by you choosing me.

      Let me offer many congratulations to you on winning this award. It is well deserved for the excellent writing you create. Keep producing these awesome blogs!


  3. Hey Lita! I’ve seen these red shoes all around the blogosphere so thank you for following me! You’re a director AND a writer! I just watched a few clips – – – really cool! And guess what? You HAVE emerged! Please come by often and I will, too.

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    • What a bright shiningly beautiful thing to say. Thank you so very much for watching the clips. Your comment has encouraged me. Here’s to a brilliant weekend! 😉 looking forward to being in touch on the blogosphere. Enjoying your unique, funny, life affirming posts lots.


    • This is so amazing and I feel honoured. I am sad that I don’t have enough time to do this award justice as I feel to respond properly will take more time than I have. Thank you from my heart for the nomination. I am a huge fan of your blog and I enjoy your elegant posts immensely. It may be fairer to the award to let another writer enjoy the opportunity. I hope this is OK!!! I continue to enjoy my visits to your brilliant site.

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  4. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

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    • It’s always so calming and tranquil to read your words and thoughts. Thank you so kindly for the posts and comments you write. Always happiness and a smile lights up when I read your words. Looking forward to enjoying more on WordPress. My good wishes Lita 😉


    • Ah Jenni!!! I’m a big fan of your blog so this is so thrilling for me!! Thank you. This means a lot however I have to declare that I was lucky enough to get this historic Liebster award once before so whilst I am celebrating your choice 😉 I also understand fully if you wish to re-nominate All my good wishes and best regards Lita


    • Lovely to be in contact! This is such a supportive environment I am so glad to be on WP. Looking forward to reading more of your posts Vee. Thank you for your kind comment it means a lot.


  5. Hi. I’m very pleased you liked my post ‘Playing the generation Game’. As a novice to the world of blogging, positive feedback is so great to receive, especially from someone like yourself who is an accomplished writer. Pleas, come by again – hopefully there’s more here you’ll enjoy.
    With thanks.

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    • I enjoy the philosophy behind your work and your style of story telling. Thanks for this kind comment. Great to be in touch on the blogosphere. Looking forward to enjoying more of your posts.


    • Ecuador sounds bliss Kathryn! I love keeping up to date with your views of the world via your blog. So great to be in contact via the blogosphere. I love your narratives and look forward to reading more of your posts.

      Hugs from rather cold Oxfordshire (but at least we got some daffodils!)



    • This is so exciting and very kind of you! I am thrilled. This is an honour. I understand if you needed to re nominate though simply because I may struggle to respond properly to this for a while! I feel this award needs some time to do full justice to it. It is a great opportunity,

      I am loving your blog and enjoy following your progress on the land. Your book reviews too are a great resource as are the advice about what to grow (the photographs are motivating me lots!). I am just starting to re do our pots out in the garden so I am getting great ideas from your blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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    • Ahh Jenni this is so kind!! You have an incredible blog, a pleasure to visit, that tells me so much about history and literature and also makes me smile. You write about politics clearly and with vibrancy. I also wish to thank you for your super supportive comments on my posts! ;-D This is so lovely of you. I will try to do justice to this award with a shining post but I may struggle to do this for a wee while though so I understand if you wish to re nominate.

      I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. We got a bit of sunshine here (hurrah) and the daffodils are out. Looking forward to catching up with your latest posts and enjoying more of your super blog.

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      • Take your time – it took me 2 to 3 days to do this after my nomination as there was a lot going on this weekend. Thank you for comments and trust me when I say they mean a great deal. So take the time you need and enjoy your week. Jenni xx

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  6. Hi Lita, Gosh! You are such an interesting personality as I see from some of your blog posts. I love your writing style and look forward to reading more. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It’s a pleasure to know you =)

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    • Hi Shmruthi! Great to hear from you. Thank you for kind words although I cannot compete with the terrific range of destinations you write so knowledgeably about. I have had a brilliant time visiting your blog and the photographs from Cambodia along with your travelogue is a must read.

      Can’t wait to read more! Pleasure to know you too 😀

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      • Ok I am blushing now 😀 but seriously, I have always been in awe of people in theater and those who can weave magic with words like you do! It’s like my never-attainable secret fantasy.
        I am ecstatic that you like my blog and so glad to share this space with you here 😀

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      • I think all writers create theatre (via imagery) so include yourself in weaving magic with words. It’s inspiring to read your travelogue.

        Here’s to lots of happy blogging!


    • Hi Shmruthi That is so incredibly kind of you! I appreciate you offering me this! I have been lucky that once before I got given this historic internet award. The Liebster is so important and encourages me so much in my blogging. I can write up your blog for sure on my Liebster page. I thank you so much for the offer but concede that another blog without the Liebster would enjoy it so much! 😀

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      • Ooops! I did feel that an awesome blog like yours would have already been nominated but couldn’t find it, so took the honor myself 😀 But I would leave it up in my post since I want the few readers that I have to discover yours 🙂

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      • That’s incredibly kind!! 😀 I love the joy and fun in your post on the unique bamboo trains! Your blog paints a unique portrait of every new destination you visit. Bravo on winning your award Shmruthi!


    • Your work has a presence and I always look forward to reading your latest post on my reader. The Versatile Blogger Award is such a great prize and I am honoured that you think of me for this. I have been lucky to have an earlier nomination for this Award. I understand if you wish to renominate! I will in any event add details of your superb site to my post with gratitude!


    • Hello! I enjoy your style of writing so much. I am honoured you thought of me. Because I have been lucky enough to receive this award before it may make more sense to pick another nominee? I look forward to more visits to your blog and will look out for your posts. Your blog has a distinct voice and originality and I congratulate you on your well-deserved award. I wish you huge success!

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    • Hi Ida. Thank you for these kind words! I am thrilled to have discovered your site and had a great time reading the work on your blog. I love the recent set of Haiku you published. They stick in the memory. I look forward to enjoying more.


    • Lydia thank you so much for this consideration! You are an inspiring blogger with a terrific site so your words mean a lot. I am going to step down because I cannot do this exciting award full justice at present. It sounds brilliant and I wish you every success. I look forward to another great visit to your blog!


  7. Hey,

    Just followed you via your nomination for Liebster award by Seikaiha.( Just above this comment:P) . I wanted to know who are the peoples and how similar they are ? and what work they are doing?

    I am glad that you are too busy in emerging.. 🙂 This is really interesting.

    May Allah bless you ameen

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    • Hello! I just enjoyed a visit to your website. You write with such warmth. I think everyone on the nominations list is different, so I don’t know the answer to how they will be similar. It’s so exciting that everyone has a unique blog, this way we all learn so much.

      Looking forward to enjoying your work in my Reader and send blessings to you.


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    • Great to hear from you! This sounds amazing and a brilliant idea. At the minute I’m doing a fringe show and I don’t want to let you down so can I look forward to being a supporter of the Blog Tour and hope to take part another time? 😀

      Thank you so much of thinking of me, you honour me for asking. I am looking forward to enjoying more of your superb poetry in my reader today. Your poetry is blissful reading.


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