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Perfect Day on the Fringe

My perfect day is performing solo at the Edinburgh Fringe.  It is terrifying before the show starts and this audio tape nails a moment of how it feels for me before any kind of performance, all wobbly and expanding!   The buzz of being in Edinburgh when the sun shines is a blast and these photographs may help […]
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Old Volcano

Here is my story of Strombolicchio, a symbolic old volcano stuck out in the sea, told from the perspective of climbing the new volcano it gave birth to.   A small sea stack in the middle of the sea was facing me.  When I swam around it I found out it was a symbol of energy […]
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Happy Pancake Poem!

  Flipping light   A long streak of white moon slides drops of silver on to a hairy earth. When a sly street lamp scatter guns neon candy it bounces off unsuspecting geometric symmetric random roof tops. Neglected horizons fall in line for sunrise. Everything too tall to beat to the bird song Is painted orange. […]
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