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READING- Authors take on The High Street

The Great British High Street writers are announced today Enjoy work from these talented writers – Winners of a call out via Young Vic website – My Local’s Now A Wetherspoons   by David Keenan Brown Bread   by Gemma Murray Finding Oneself   by Martha Patterson Margot’s   by Tasmin Lynne Margaret Pinder Listen on iTunes here Performing them […]
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Perfect Theatre of Pantomime

  Winter Solstice in the UK today has arrived along with lots of blue sky.  The Christmas Markets nearby are more fun with the milder weather so it is great to spend time gazing at the craft stalls and carousels.     I spent the night in a medieval Estate house, now a hotel, and got […]
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New year new semester

Watching the students return to their halls after holidays to start the new semester is engaging.  Their bags full of fresh binders and heads brimming with renewed commitment makes me want to jump on in and learn something new so I check out my options. http://descenttheatre.co.uk/2013/12/18/playella-fresher-juice-by-lita-doolan/ The online courses google suggests are inspiring and lots […]
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