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A Blenheim Orange Apple

Apples are the most sociable fruit.  Bobbing up and down in water they are ducking apples used by kids for Halloween games. If fruit trees are inherited in a garden there’s often story to dig up from the past. New varieties pop up in old gardens all the time! One of the joys of growing your own fruit is that you get to eat […]
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Barmouth Tides

Barmouth is a coastal town in Wales. The sands dune down to the sea and a succession of plants through time have colonised the salty land. My first school field trip measured the number of wriggling Nereis worms we found in each of the quadrat metal squares we flung one by one into the air. […]
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Centenary Sparkle

The golden years of crystallographers is being celebrated with their Nobel Peace prize displayed alongside their laboratory equipment to note 100 years of the study of crystals. There is an interesting after life to the initial successes of these scientists. William Bragg was involved War duties when awarded his prize in 1915 and so postponed […]
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